Alò Ankò Ayiti

Alò Ankò Ayiti: "Hello Again, Haiti."

This blog will document my physical return to Haiti after surviving the earthquake on January 12, 2010, but I am also hoping to use this platform for exploration into the history, culture, and language of Ayiti in the months leading up to my trip back for the one-year anniversary of the earthquake.

I'm hoping to archive and document important articles, stories, and lessons that I will be researching and learning in the upcoming months. So this blog will serve as a personal reference for me in that way. But I also plan to relate stories of my previous time in Haiti, my current exploration into the Creole language, time volunteering for Friends of the Orphans, reflections, and stories from when I return with friends in just a few months.

I know that I am long overdue for some true archiving, reflection, and healing from my experience, as much as it is easier to float along in denial. I have a strange sense that the months ahead, although I am five months removed from the tragedy, will hold the most important progress and mourning. As a person that seeks constant progress in all things, whether or not that's necessarily good, it will help to have a tangible platform for that process. Hence "Alò Ankò Ayiti."


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