I speak Esfrankreyish.

Esfrankreyish: Español, Frances, Kreyol, English. It's amazing how much can be communicated with a mixture of four languages.

Take my first ever facebook chat conversation in Creole today! While I was looking up some words and struggling with others and being corrected relatively often and I'm pretty sure there was some French, Spanish, and definitely an English word or two mixed in, I successfully conveyed that I would be in Haiti at a certain time, where I would be, how many people were coming with me, and the fact that I wanted to visit my friend's school and asked where it was and if it would be open.

I'm tickled with pride right now. Pretty good for teaching myself out of a book for like 10 minutes a day over a few months. Anfòm!

Thanks to Fritz-Gerald, pictured here, for making this personal victory possible. P.S. notice the hilarious facial expression of the random man in the background.

Fritz-Gerald (yes that's his real name, gotta love Haitian names) runs a school/non-profit (FLAP Haiti, supported by Eternite Fashion) that I'm hoping to visit since he got in touch with me via Facebook after the earthquake. We met on New Year's Eve in Haiti through a friend that Molly gave a tour of the hospital to. Random connection but worth looking into, and worth keeping to practice Creole!