Story Corps

Story Corps is, simply put, a non-profit initiative that provides a way for people to record their stories.

Robin (Molly's former boss who left Haiti just a few weeks before the earthquake and returned during the immediate aftermath) and Erin (Molly's fellow volunteer who was also trapped in the Father Wasson Center) had the opportunity to create a recording recently about Molly.

Needless to say, it was tough to listen to this. Not really because it was new information or memories of Molly made me sad. For two reasons I struggled: one was because of the discussion near the end about Molly wanting to be a teacher and it reminded me just how unfair it is that she died. Secondly, I never had a "sè'm," or Haitian sister like Robin & Erin have in each other. I don't have anyone I can turn to who will know exactly what I'm talking about and what I went through. I love Erin & Robin, but I don't know them well enough and don't want to butt into a sisterhood. Molly is our common denominator, but I didn't spend enough time in Haiti to truly understand their experience, and I don't want to be presumptuous in assuming that my 12 days pre-earthquake means I'll "get it." Their relationship has always made me envious, but I am glad they always had each other to go through this process with.

A part that especially resonated with me is the discussion that they don't think things will get better. And that they don't want it to. Yes. This I can "get" perfectly. Feeling better makes me feel guilty. Feeling normal feels like I'm forgetting. It feels like everything is in the past - that everything is going away - when things start to improve.

I'm adding the links to the Story Corps here. Each is around 9 minutes.