Tout moun se moun

A plethora of Haiti-related links today as I spend a Sunday recouping from a hectic week of work by sitting in bed, drinking tea, downloading Creole learning software, shopping for flights back to Port-au-Prince in December, and reading about Haiti.

You may have heard that Wyclef Jean is officially running for president of Haiti. I've been reading a few articles and am still on the fence about this & wishing I could decide whether it's a good idea for Haiti. I'm leaning towards not a good idea, but here are some articles lending some wisdom (the second is a bit more opinionated and pretty much sums up how I feel):

I mentioned earlier that I've been doing a lot of research about Aristide. He is probably the most important figure in Haitian history in the last decade, and while this article takes some knowledge of Haitian politics to fully comprehend, it's an amazing insight to who Aristide is and is an incredible account of Aristide's responses and opinions on his polemic life. Also the source of the title of this post: Tout moun se moun, or "every person is indeed a person," the philosophy that guides Aristide's approach to democracy.

Last, something fun & light-hearted: a video about TOM'S Shoes distribution in Haiti (featuring the hunky Bryn Mooser!):