I'm a godmother!

I've wanted to sponsor a child from Molly's orphanage in Haiti for a long time, but it was important to me to become a godmother to a child who was personally affected by the earthquake. Because the NPFS orphanage in the hills of Kenscoff wasn't really affected by the quake, all the kiddos were spooked but safe. But unfortunately that wasn't the case elsewhere, but the safety of the orphanage meant that it was poised to help some of the children affected.

The process of integrating new children into the home was taken very seriously; social workers from NPFS worked long and hard, going into tent communities to find children whose families had died, and making sure to identify and verify that they didn't in fact have families that could take care of them. In the aftermath of the earthquake, it was very important that NPFS was not taking children away from their families.

So a few months ago, the home welcomed about fifty new kids to the home, bringing the total to around 400 kids living and going to school at St. Helene. NPFS never does adoptions; they support the children as far as they want to go, funding education up through high school or college for kids that have the capacity and give a year of service back to their home in return for their education. So these new kids will become Brothers and Sisters (NPFS stands for Our Little Brothers & Sisters in French) for the rest of their lives.

This is my new godson, Kervenson! He's 10 years old and I am so excited to meet him this winter. Kervenson's parents and sister all died in the earthquake and he was living in the streets, getting abused by other boys, until NPFS found him through the Angels of Light day camps that they run for kids from the tent cities. He recently joined the home full time. I'm excited to be a part of his life for years to come.

If you want to sponsor a child in Haiti or any of the other homes funded by Friends of the Orphans, click here: http://www.friendsoftheorphans.org/sponsorachild. You can request to be a godparent to a child who was affected by the earthquake by writing in the comments box: "I would like to sponsor a Haiti Hope child."


  1. Such wonderful news!!! :o) Can't wait to hear about when you meet him!


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