Haiti stabilizing post-election

Sounds like the demonstrations/riots are over after the alleged corrupt & invalid elections in Haiti the other day. Luckily it seems the country is stabilizing, but that doesn't mean that the election was a success. Seems that there were plenty of people who couldn't vote due to inability to find the correct polling station, intimidation outside the polls, inability to get their ID cards after the earthquake, etc.

Martelly, the former singer, is winning so far (39%). A runoff is scheduled for January 16 (2 days after I leave) if nobody gets over 50%, which is likely. Interesting that Haiti voted for one popstar when the other, Wyclef Jean, couldn't run. But if you lived in a country with a massive history of political corruption, nepotism, and ineptitude, would you perhaps want a fresh start and a political outsider to run your country? I just might.

Anyways, articles here: