I'm in the market for a mentor.

There are so many questions I have about a potential future in international non-profit work, and I find myself constantly bowed by the weight of so much uncertainty amidst attempts to have a normal - and busy - life as a full-time graduate student.

If anyone knows someone who has spent a good portion of their life serving the poor - preferably in international arenas or amidst dire poverty and suffering - let me know. I would love to pick someone's brain who has lived, day in and out, among people struggling to survive. Besides having questions about the best education to qualify me for the future I am hoping for, I want to know how it's possible to maintain hope, to get up every day, knowing you will see so much pain. I want to know if others feel completely pulled apart as they are compelled to create lives of service while constantly gravitating back to that which is normal, safe, and familiar. Because I certainly struggle daily with the compulsion to give up, to turn off the news, to forget about the pain, and retreat into my every day trivialities of school and relationships.

I do have friends who would fit this bill, but most are currently in Haiti, and while I plan on catching up with them during my trip, I can't in good conscious burden them with my questions while they are currently battling cholera and hurricanes.

It would be nice to meet someone who's been through it and maintained the ability to give so much of themselves while remaining seemingly "normal" to others. If nothing else, so that I know it's possible.

p.s. Be proud. I'm learning to start asking for help!


  1. Dr. Golderick use to work for the Peace Core so he might be someone to talk to! I am sure he knows a ton of people.


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