4-day countdown

Four days to go until our flight leaves for Haiti. I've been struck by a not-so-lovely sickness with a combination of a 102.4 degree fever, flu symptoms, and cold symptoms. Seems like all the sickness that I avoided this semester decided to descend on me all at once, and at a very inopportune time.

However, a combination of tea, bubble baths, and family have me feeling better today and my fever is reduced, so I have high hopes that my immune system will improve by the 28th. One can hope.

In other news, my travel buddy Doug has started his own blog to document our trip. He's a great photographer and hopes to post some of his photos, so it'll be a great page to check out. His sense of humor is also vastly superior to mine, so his writing is on the lighter side, which can be refreshing when most of the topics covered aren't exactly fun. Here's the link: Holiday from Real.

Merry Christmas everyone!


  1. Hey Rachel,

    Love reading your posts! Very inspiring work your doing!


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