Leaving Soon

Our flight leaves one week from tomorrow and I'm at home in Boise making last minute preparations: buying mosquito nets and deodorant and cinnamon oil to put under our noses to cover the smell of bodily fluids (for my non-health care professional travel buddy). Not very exciting stuff, but it feels pretty thrilling. I'm getting nervous.

In election news, they delayed results (again) to wait for an investigation from the Organization of American States after results were supposed to be released yesterday from a recount after the original announcement sparked riots that killed about 5 people. I'm really hoping the investigation takes at least a week so results aren't announced the day before I have to go.

The airport is open. I'm happy to be flying to Miami instead of JFK in this winter weather, and my flight from MIA-PAP has been occurring as regularly scheduled the last few days.

My wonderful family has decided to contribute financially to Friends of the Orphans in lieu of our normal Christmas charity activity. I don't have updated numbers from the last few weeks, but counting everything I've personally kept track of (this doesn't include any donations in the first 4 months after the earthquake), I've been able to raise over $8,500 for Friends of the Orphans since about April of last year but really kicking off in August. People are so generous.

I'm home in Boise until Thursday for some family time and I'm enjoying the overly festive Christmas decorations that my mother takes days to put up (even the kitchen chairs wear Santa hats).

Merry Christmas everyone! Fete Nwèl tout moun!!


  1. Rachel.
    My name is Dick Anstett. I'm a family doc from Boise and will be at St Damiens starting 1/10. I'm at 208 424 7651 if you want to connect before or even after you leave. I can bring things down if you let me know what it needed once you get on the ground. I've been working with Patricia but she is super busy. So far i've been focusing on school supplies, games etc for children. Once you get on the ground you could possibly tell me more specifically about most urgent needs .

    Dick dick.anstett@msn.com


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