Riots and airport closures

The airport in Haiti is closed today due to protests from the announcement that Martelly was not to be included in the run-off election and the current President Prèval's hand-picked candidate was going through to the run-off. I'll be monitoring the airport situation since I am scheduled to leave in a little over 2.5 weeks, and at the same time be sending peaceful thoughts to Haiti. Luckily so far the protests haven't been reported as causing any injuries or deaths.

A good TIME article here.

Here's what the state department has to say:
The U.S. Embassy in Port-au-Prince is issuing this Warden Message to
alert U.S. citizens that there are reports of numerous elections-related
demonstrations throughout Port-au-Prince and in other parts of Haiti and
reminds U.S. citizens of the potential for violence throughout Haiti for
the duration of the electoral period. Demonstrators have barricaded
roads in many parts of Port-au-Prince making movement around the city
difficult and dangerous. U.S. citizens are advised to remain in their
homes and shelter in place until conditions stabilize.

Port-au-Prince's international airport is closed until further notice
and all scheduled flights are canceled. The airport at Cap-Haitien is
also closed, and demonstrations and barricaded roads have made movement
around that city unsafe. Additionally, American Airlines has canceled
all of its flights to and from Port-au-Prince on Thursday, December 9.
While border crossings with the Dominican Republic remain open at
present, travel to the border and throughout Haiti may be hazardous due
to barricaded roads and demonstrations and Americans are advised against
taking any further risks.