Bonus post! With photos

I wanted to upload some photos while I have the opportunity. They're not in any correct order but should be relatively easy to follow.

Doug made a new best friend Innocent. Innocent is severely disabled and can't really communicate but he l.o.v.e.s. American men. Doug can't walk by Kay Christine, the house for kids with disabilities, without Innocent stuttering loudly and hugging him fiercely.

Where's Doug? Sitting in the auditorium for mass.

We took Jeff (left) and Kervenson on a hike and got Cokes. They were pumped.

Jeff and Kervenson on our hike. Note to self... Haitian kids don't really like to hike.

Both Doug and myself get a lot of attention for our hair. AKA petting.

Kervenson really loved his rubics cube. So did the rest of the orphanage (sharing is big here). I don't think it's been solved yet but I love this photo because it captures a Kervenson smile.

Jeff puts together his toy car that came in his gift from my mom. It was a group effort from the whole house.

Jeff plays his harmonica. The slinky showed up during mass (sorry Jesus for distracting your followers with American gifts).

Doug in the house with the littlest kids. The little albino girl is super cute and seems to be well-accepted by her peers. That makes me happy.

The beautiful view from the retreat house where we stay.

A tent city sprang up in a park in Petionville that I remember being pretty nice. This was on the way to the orphanage, which is a pretty ridiculously bumpy ride.

Sister Lorraine's homemade Bailey's. Don't worry, I'll get the recipe.

With the cornerstone monument at the hospital. The names of those lost stretch around the wall into the hallway.
This is a favorite picture. We hung out in the abandoned babies room in the hospital. Filomena, the little girl below, is super cute. I forget the baby's name, but he's itty bitty.

Doug bonds with Jonackson, who is waayyyy too cute for me to understand why anybody would abandon him. Doug wants to bring him back to the states and teach him soccer.

Filomena hated the Beanie Babies at first (apparently it's not rare for children to be scared of toys here, how sad is that?) but loved Doug's camera.
Doug has some good pictures on his blog here.


  1. So precious! I really hope to visit one day.


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