I've had vivid dreams of Haiti for the last three nights since my return. Images mostly, of driving through the streets or of filling water buckets. After the earthquake, I only ever had one or two nightmares but would often wake up, sitting up suddenly in bed unable to breathe, maybe after a dream that I just didn't remember.

Now I drift awake slowly and images of Haiti linger, but they are no longer images of saving Molly or children dying, and I can breathe when I sleepily open my eyes.

As the plane took off from Port-au-Prince on Friday, I felt a personal victory of leaving Haiti on my own terms and in a commercial plane instead of an army helicopter. Haiti has settled into my being in a more peaceful way after this journey. It will always be a substantial part of me, but after my trip, something about it feels less violently wrenched into my life. Haiti has integrated itself into who I am, but this time I allowed it to become a part of me, this time it was not forced on me, and this time I have more hopeful memories than difficult ones.

I'll be sharing some of these stories of hope at some events for Friends of the Orphans in the upcoming weeks (see event page for the NW region here for details). If you are in the Seattle or Portland area, I would love to see you and share some of my impressions from my trip.

Hope & Healing in Haiti
Wednesday, January 19th. 6:00-7:00 PM.
Community Center at Mercer View
Luther Burbank Meeting Room
8236 SE 24th Street
Mercer Island, WA 98040

Hope & Healing in Haiti: Portland
Wednesday, January 25th. 6:30-7:30 PM.
University of Portland
Bauccio Commons – Terrace Room
Located on the main quad adjacent to the Chapel


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