We're back in Tabarre after a restful weekend at the orphanage. I had to say goodbye to my godson this morning but assured him I would write and told him to continue to study hard (apparently he's the first in his class and Jeff, my mom's godson, is the first in his class as well!)

On the way up to Kenscoff on Friday, we stopped by Doctor FanFan's (spelling?) house. She's the doctor for the orphanage and I had a chance to meet her and say hello, and Gena mentioned who I was. Then the doctor mentioned something that's been on my mind ever since.

A friend of the doctor was one of the three men who drove me to the embassy after the earthquake; basically saving my life. She mentioned to me that she couldn't remember exactly who had told her at that moment, but she remembered someone telling her they had driven me.

But then she also mentioned that the same person was not the person who pulled me from the rubble. He had said that I was already out and had flagged down his truck and asked him to take me.

This could mean multiple things; potentially the person who saved me left shortly after and left me at the collapsed building to find a ride. But no one ever remembered pulling me out, and no one anyone has talked to remembers me being there at all.

Gena wondered if I dragged myself from the building. I remember being trapped, and then I remember being in the truck. But nothing in between.

I'm unconvinced. But while I'm still pretty sure I could never have pulled myself from a building (especially considering I had a broken arm and my flip flops stayed on my feet), it makes me wonder, especially given the abrasions on my knees that could have come either from being pulled out or crawling out. Why did I black out a considerable chunk of time? Who was it that pulled me out? Why would they have left me there afterwards? Did they ever exist at all and was it some crazy strength that I can't remember having that saved me?

I'll never know. But I do know that it feels good to try to put the pieces together, even though I know I'll never have all of them.