I've begun to realize in this last year how many times things tend to come full circle.  People come in and out of your life, years go by and patterns repeat, anniversaries are commemorated... In the process of rebirth in Haiti, it's rare for things to have come full circle; it hasn't been long enough to get back to where anybody started.  There are too many obstacles to make coming full circle a quick and easy process.

But those who work hard every day are starting to see success and are taking steps to circle back to where they were before the earthquake.

The Kay Eliane rehabilitation center has re-opened in P√®tionville, Haiti, and will work over the next few months to continue to add services to come full circle back to its previous level of function.  This is significant for me because Kay Eliane was the program housed in the Father Wasson Center that collapsed with Molly and myself inside.  They found a house nearby and have been working towards staffing it to continue the school and rehabilitation services for kids in the area.

Gena has written an article here about the significance of this re-opening and the little girl that inspired the naming of the program.  Eliane's story is just one of thousands of examples of the children NPFS in Haiti has fought to help when no one else will.


  1. Such a great story. Thanks for sharing the link!

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