Sun City Picture House

One of my favorite things about Haiti is the opportunity to meet volunteers and NGO workers from all over the world; each with their own passions, stories, and general awesomeness.  Not that I don't love the people I know in the Pacific Northwest, but Haiti volunteers tend to be a special breed, and one of the best things about my trip was being constantly blown away by the strength, creativity, and compassion that Haiti volunteers emulate daily.

For example, my friend Lisette is a nurse at the orphanage and writes a blog about life at Kay Elene here: Lisette's Haiti Journey.

Another example is Bryn Mooser, the Haiti staff person for Artists for Peace and Justice (see an amazing video about their new school here), an organization set up by Paul Haggis and supported by celebrities, that partners with our hospital.  Despite my amusement at Bryn's hipster attire and constant attachment to his Blackberry (sorry if you ever happen to read this Bryn, but you know it's true), he's a very talented film maker and has a huge heart for the kids in Haiti.

This last year, Bryn produced a movie called Sun City Picture House about the theater they set up with help from Raphael, a NPFS employee who now helps run the Cholera treatment center.  Raphael is a quiet guy but has unrivaled talent putting in IV lines.

Sun City Picture House was just accepted into the Tribeca Film Festival in New York.  Anybody want to buy me a ticket for the premiere in April??

Here's the trailer:

Sun City Picture House - Official Trailer from David Darg on Vimeo.