Paul Farmer, WikiLeaks, and Politics

The Institute for Justice and Democracy in Haiti is a great source for the latest news in Haiti.  Recently, the new President Martelly has been making some unfortunate decisions in appointing cabinet members, and the IJDH website has a great article about the shady past of the Prime Minister nominee, Gousse.  Say what you want about the WikiLeaks debacle, but it has certainly been helpful in providing background on Gousse's history of human rights abuses.  Read the article about him here. It certainly doesn't make me respect the new president very much; his sympathies with Duvalier and other burgeoisie seems to be more and more apparent. 

The Nation has also been partnering with the Haitian Newspaper Haiti Liberte on a series of articles using WikiLeaks information about US/UN policy towards Haiti.  It's a series of incredibly impressive journalistic work, but it certainly highlights some unfortunate abuses and attitudes that the US has towards Haiti, in many ways disrespecting Haiti's sovereignty (but that's not really anything new, unfortunately, as the US has a huge history of meddling in Haiti). I'm slowly making my way through the article. Here's a link to The Nation WikiLeaks Series.

Lastly, I stopped in a book store in Capitol Hill last night and couldn't leave without a copy of Paul Farmer's latest book.  I definitely spent more than I would have had I bought it online... but the link on Amazon is here.


  1. Rachel- I have been keeping up with IJDH and the Wikileaks stories as well. It's so nice to get real news from Haiti when it's hardly covered anymore by other news orgs. Also just ordered Paul Farmer's new book and can't wait to see what he says. All this to say, keep up the great work on the blog and keeping others in tune to what's happening in Haiti.
    -Michelle Chang


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