Heroes and New Friends

Last night I got the chance to see Fr. Rick, the national director of NPFS Haiti, in Seattle.  He was there to speak at a beautifully planned event at a private home (former Nordstrom mansion-woah) on Lake Washington.  It was wonderful to see him, hear his words, and put myself back in Haiti in my mind as he described their progress, triumphs, despairs, and foundation of love and faith that drives the work in Haiti.  My passion for NPFS was renewed and I was thrilled that Fr. Rick a. remembered me, b. invited me for a visit anytime, and c. was excited that I'll have my doctorate soon and has some projects in mind he already would want help with when I move to Haiti in a few years.

The second wonderful thing about the evening was meeting the new students that just arrived in Seattle through the International Leadership program.  I was thrilled to chat in Spanish with the girls from Guatemala and Honduras and meet Jean Francois from Haiti and have him laugh at my attempts at Creole and chat with him about his upcoming year in Seattle.  He gave a short talk about his story of returning to his "family" (NPH) after the earthquake and starting the Fr. Wasson Angels of Light program for kids who lost their families in the quake.

I think I'll be taking Fr. Rick up on that offer to visit soon... :)