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I was recently blessed to meet Katherine Jones, a reporter at the Idaho Statesman.  She wrote a beautifully researched and humbling article about my Haiti story and some work I've been doing with fundraising for Friends of the Orphans in the last year or so.  While I'll never quite get used to seeing my face on the front page of a newspaper, I'm grateful for the chance to spread the word about Haiti and hope to connect some people to the country I care so much about.

If you feel so inclined to read, the article is here.  (Note my "pensive" face.  Photography sessions are always awkward!)


  1. That is such a great article, and I really enjoyed reading your speech for the Bishop Kelley commencement!

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  3. Rachel,
    Truly inspiring and impacting! I came across your article in the Statesman and was compelled to let you know your efforts are commendable. As a UP alum, I had heard about Molly, but knew nothing of your story. As an native Idahoan, it's great to see someone of such positive character associated with my home state.

    Also, having visiting places like Nicaragua and Peru, I can relate to your synopsis about the travel experience and its impact to your world view.

    Thank you for sharing,

    Chris Costello
    UP 2001 alum

  4. By chance, I came across the article as it is a story of how extraordinary ordinary people can be! Sharing it...

    Keep up the great work Rachel!

  5. Rachel, What a beautiful article! I live in Meridian, ID. I opened up the Life section and started reading and my amazement I saw Molly and Ryan's name. I never met Molly or Ryan personally but I have a good friend who when to UCSD with Ryan. I respect all belief systems. I personally believe that Molly and Ryan are continuing their work even "out of body". My friend (and Ryan's friend) can communicate with energies at a higher vibrational level (those who have passed). My son, Matt, passed away from cancer at age 13 last November. Matt was very medically inclined even at such a young age and wanted to be a doctor. In the weeks before he passed, my friend introduced me to Ryan and honestly, Ryan helped Matt and our family deal with his passing (through channeling). After Matt passed, he channeled as well and said that Ryan was his mentor and they had worked together in past lives as medical healers together. Ryan has since "come in" several times and has even talked about Molly. I don't want to get to "woo woo" with you but I did want to check in and say I would love to talk to you more about this if this is something you might be open to. My email is .
    Thank you so much for sharing your experience! I can tell you have such a loving heart! I know Molly is very proud of you! :) Warmly, Richelle


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