Day 2

This afternoon has been dominated by the rumor that Oprah might be visiting our hospital.  Stay tuned. Not sure about her visit, but they may be using her plane to bring down platelets for one of our kids dying of AIDs in the hospital.  Thus begins the debate of spending money for one child vs using it for something else, prolonging life using exceptional means and for how long, etc etc. Normal Haiti stuff.

The morning started with the daily Mass/funeral (one adult, 3 babies in body bags) and I spent the first part of the morning training the Haitian therapists how to put on gait belts & we ended up standing/walking two patients with CVA in the hospital.  I've been impressed with the two therapists so far in their abilities to make some judgements and absorb their previous lessons.  We worked with the three girls in the pre-fab house on progressing the exercise program for the girl with Guillain Barre to target hip musculature and I drew her pictures & now the less knowledgeable therapists are independent working with her.  We worked on standing & transfers with the two girls with spinal cord injuries and then spent almost 30 minutes trying to track down a table to have our class.  After finally gathering a table and finding a quiet room, we sped through all of the cardiac & pulmonary lessons I had prepared and they liked looking at the anatomy atlases.  Dimitri is a pretty good translator so it worked well & the other two asked a few questions so I think they were pretty engaged, especially considering we worked into their normal lunch hour. After my lunch, we worked more with the girls with SCI and Dimitri told me he thought one girl had a level C3 injury.  It was interesting to discuss with him about spinal levels & what C3 would actually mean (i.e. she wouldn't be breathing independently) so we'll most definitely be covering SCI in our neuro lecture tomorrow. 

I walked over to the Angels of Light (new orphanage built after the earthquake) to see Bridgette, who's working as a nurse there, and deliver some of the toys to the kids. I brought over a little bowling set and a few jumpropes and utter chaos ensued.  Needless to say, 183 kids don't exactly take turns well.  The bowling pins turned into weapons and dispersed quickly. 

We visited the abandoned babies again. Instead of getting peed on, Lubin got poo all over my shirt. Two for two I guess...