Day one

Day one in Haiti will be coming to a close soon. After an awesome and much-needed nap, I went over to St. Luc to check out the progress. The last time I was here, the site was tents and pre-fabricated houses of the cholera treatment center. Now, there are two permanent buildings that hold the emergency department and "inpatient" areas for adults. I met Sofani and Dimitri, the two "therapists" I'll be working with. They're pretty energetic and eager to learn. After stopping by the Kay Germaine outpatient pediatric rehab area to see Norma, the PT from Argentina I've worked with on the past and having lunch (FYI, pineapple in Haiti tastes awesome), I shadowed the therapists as they interacted with two of their more long-term patients (one with lumbar SCI, one with guillan berre) who live in a little prefab near st. Luc. Their treatments seemed pretty on track but I challenged them to make things a little more functional and target some hip abductors they weren't really working on. We popped over to the inpatient area to see some of the patients with recent CVA and make a strategy/schedule for the upcoming days. I think I'll be able to get through my whole curriculum and I think I'm still on track for what I hope to teach! After an hour of prep/strategizing on my part, Danielle and I went to visit the abandoned babies in the pediatric hospital. Sadly there were a few kids still there from a year ago who have major disabilities like hydrocephalus. But overall it's a new crop of adorable babies and toddlers. I already have a favorite tiny baby named Nadine, but a little kiddo named Samuel peed on me. Twice. Needless to say, they need real (not cloth) diapers and I washe my scrubs right afterwards. We had dinner & a few beers at Mama Rafael's (little restaurant next to the hospital) and some good volunteer conversation. Gotta get up bright & early to see patients & teach the cardiovascular system!


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