Estwok (stroke)

An influx of patients with CVA this morning. Too many to keep up with. Discharging patients who can't sit up independently does not make me a happy camper. Only having one walker in the entire hospital does not make me a happy camper. Hunting down gloves and hand sanitizer and blood on the floor and dehydrated patients... But my students are recognizing that their patients aren't ready to go home and they are diligent about family education and cleanliness and I am empowering them to advocate for their patients. I anticipate some difficult conversations with the doctors in our near future. And we have an outpatient facility to refer them to. This is pretty amazing for Haiti. But I return to the hospital for lunch and there are still lines and lines and lines of mothers with sick babies and there were two dead bodies at mass today.

So there is good and bad and I am exhausted and dehydrated myself. But then I get to teach a home program to a patient with a large upper extremity burn and the doctor is grateful and then I actually see Marie Esther take initiative with a patient. And then we sit and the therapists ask me questions about the spinal cord and look in awe at anatomy drawings and Dimitri and I agree on working towards helping Sofani be more independent so they will have two good therapists for the hospital and provide better care. We will push forward on coordination and planning and more education etc etc. we push forward.

 Funeral procession every morning
 Some of the awesome/tacky decorations trying to make it feel like Christmas in the tropics.
Standing with Marie Jeanie, who has a lumbar SCI.

Oh, and Oprah update: apparently yesterday someone called asking about a visit to our hospital, and Fr. Rick in his protective way asked "why?" but then said if she really wanted to help, we could use her plane to pick up platelets for the boy hemorrhaging and dying of AIDS in our hospital.  They said they were actually using the plane to leave back for the states today, but she hooked us up with a contact to pick up the platelets in Miami because all the flights coming to Miami were full this morning.  So thanks Oprah, I guess giving that boy more time so they can try a new type of antiretroviral therapy that might work is better than meeting a bunch of starstruck volunteers.