Goodbye, Haiti

My last night in Haiti was quite exciting! I went to dinner with Bridget and Erin at Cane Sucre, a beautiful fancy plantation-like outdoor restaurant down the street from the hospital. While we were eating, Madeleine Stowe and her producer and MudCat (apparently former advisor to John Edwards and such a hoot) randomly showed up with Fr Rick and Conan. We got to chat with them and as we were finishing up, I noticed a parade of people walk next to our table carrying machine guns! It was the Haitian president's entourage. So besides sittin with some pretty important people, we saw Martelly. We all tried to meet him, but his body guards wouldn't let anyone up on the platform where he was sitting. This morning's mass was intense, with a very mournful family that lost a young woman and her baby. When they opened the caskets at the end, a chorus of wailing, screaming, and yelling erupted. Man Haitians know how to mourn and they do it loudly. A pretty overwhelming experience. I'm in fort lauderdale now after I rode to the airport with the famous visitors and got to talk to Madeleine Stowe for almost 20 min about her TV show, what she hopes to do for Haiti by advertising our organization through public service announcements on ABC, and her asking me questions about my work and experience! I hope she wins the Golden globe!! Leave it to Haiti to send me off with such intensity!