Last day at work

I don't like:

1. Coming into the hospital this morning & finding that my adorable patient with a stroke had fallen because the hospital didn't give her a bed with side rails & they made the family leave the room when they were cleaning & she rolled out of bed and hit her head. And the doctor blames the nurse who blames the cleaning people.

2. Doing range of motion on a patient and having the nurse come up and say "I think she might have a fracture?" but not know where and nothing is written in the chart and no x-rays have been taken and nothing is immobilized. And after finally being tracked down, the doctor claims the x-ray machine is broken and there is no splint available and maybe her humerus is fractured but it's probably ossifying now because she fell 2 weeks ago, but no, she actually fell Thursday because the doctor relied on the confused stroke patient to tell him when she fell instead of the family report.

I do like:

Hugs and thank-yous and happy goodbyes from patients, coworkers, and patients' families.