Photos from Day 1

These are all photos from the abandoned babies room in the hospital.  There are about 12 kiddos in that room & apparently over 20 abandoned children in the entire hospital. About half of them have major disabilities (there are two that I recognized from last year with hydrocephalus) and a couple of them are tube-fed.  But there are a few without any major medical issues.  Danielle, a year-long volunteer who works in the warehouse/pharmacy, spends most of her evenings giving these kiddos a little extra TLC. 
 With Samuel and Nadine.  Adorbs but wait until the next picture.
 Seriously- two peers in my lap at once! Apparently they were  a little too comfortable. 
 Lubin has a heart defect but may get surgery in Italy.
 This kiddo makes me so sad.
Samuel loving some of the donated toys I brought with me. Thanks Ling Ling!


  1. oh...i emailed this link to the youth girls and they are ecstatic to see their toys in action. thank you for letting them contribute a tiny piece towards your heart felt & amazing work in Haiti.

    blessings to you Rae! :) :) :)


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