Safe in Haiti

I'm safe in my new home for the next 9 days behind St. Damien's hospital in Tabarre, Haiti.  After paying a few nice (if not a little pushy) Haitian men to cart my massive duffel bag to the parking lot, I was met by the friendly volunteer coordinator, Denso, and the driver, Smith.  Denso speaks great English but Smith's English vocabulary consists of "hello" and "shit." Already teased him for that.  I used some of my Creole, much to their amusement.

After 7 hours of sleep in the last 48 hours, I'm taking a nap before lunch & then touring the hospital this afternoon. Already pumped to play santa claus with all the toys I brought! My duffel bag was exactly the Spirit Airline's weight limit.  Thanks to Matt for helping me brainstorm & re-pack so I got to bring all the toys, books, and even 4 massive packs of baby wipes.  Thanks to everyone who donated items!