Teaching moments

Had a pretty great teaching day yesterday.  First, fewer patients so more time to talk. Second, a great "meeting" with the therapists in the morning, discussing how to prioritize and focus on the acute post-CVA patients and encourage the chronic patients to go to therapy at the outpatient center so the therapists can have more time for family education and treatment during the critical period after stroke.  We also discussed division of labor so they can be more efficient. They were super receptive to my ideas and I saw them making changes that same day.  Sofani took the lead on a patient in the hospital and Marie Esther actually took initiative to treat some of the more familiar patients by herself. 

Also, we have been doing neuro lectures & had talked the day before about the stages of stroke and the synergy patterns that present after the flaccidity stage is over.  And just like that, the woman we saw in the hospital yesterday went from flaccid to having spastic synergy overnight.  It was a lightbulb moment for the Haitian therapists and they got to work with a patient with hypertonicity rather than flaccidity for the first time.  Cool stuff.  I've been standing back more and encouraging them to take the lead with patients & I'm confident in their abilities to work on sitting, standing, and walking with patients safely.  They're starting to recognize when it's safe to get someone to walk and when they should try again later.

We had a few funny/cute/confused patients but I loved working with this adorable little blind woman post-CVA.  Everything I said, she would say "wi, dokte" (yes, doctor) or "mesi, dokte" (thanks, doctor).  Such a cutie.

Anyways, I'll be teaching/working again this morning & then heading up to the orphanage this afternoon! Excited to see my godson and relax at the retreat house and play Santa Claus for all my family's godchildren.

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  1. some words just can't express enough joy.

    so picture the yay sign from peds clinic :)


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