Weekend of babies and brunching

A typical weekend for a volunteer in Haiti includes:

Delicious plantains and spicy pikliz for lunch.


 And more babies.

Giving the cat that Bridget "adopted" a much-needed bath. And naming him Dani in honor of Bridget's former roomie who is very missed in Haiti!

My first Haitian brunch...

 In a pretty nice location...

Until I got my legs destroyed by a ravenous insect, likely a spider.

All wrapped up with a beautiful candlelit mass fully in song.

Happy weekend!


  1. I met you in Haiti and would love to stay in touch. If this is ok my email is room41more@msn.com. I was with the group who came over and traveled with Sr. Judy. I just read every entry of your blog [I got your blog listing from Bridget] and you are an amazing person, doing so much for the kiddos and adults of Haiti.


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