Who Cares about Haiti?

My friend Wynn, who continues to do great work for NPH and its sister foundation, St. Luke, also moonlights as a Huffington Post contributor.

He recently wrote an article on the Huff Post Impact Blog here promoting a series of All for One Christmas parties to benefit the St. Luke foundation all over the U.S. (the Seattle party is planned by my NPH Associate Board member and good friend Dani - support her efforts here!)

Wynn's article tells the story of Esther and Raphael, two long-term St. Luke/NPH employees whom I've briefly met in passing at the chapel or St. Luke's hospital during my therapy teaching trips to Haiti. Esther's voice is truly rich and gorgeous. Raphael's humility and drive are pretty beautiful, too.

And Wynn's words capture perfectly some of my thoughts on the ongoing recovery effort in Haiti and how the rest of the world is forced - by the unfortunate negative media focus - to perceive Haiti.

"Most of the stories tell of inefficient foreign aid, isolated incidents of violence or protest in Port au Prince or dysfunction in the Haitian government (hard to imagine from our perch within a finely-tuned American democracy). It is fair to acknowledge these stories as one part of a broader narrative. It is unfair, sad and inaccurate if they come to define that narrative."