Creole Stroke Education Manual - Manyèl Edikatif Pou Stwok

After an extensive web search and consulting with the therapy technicians at St. Luke Hospital in Haiti, I came to understand the need for some Creole teaching materials for families whose loved ones survive strokes. The therapy technicians I teach are great at educating families, but research often highlights the need for written materials as families in stressful situations often don't retain information. Despite the low literacy rate in Haiti, I was assured by the therapy technicians and a few Haitian friends that a written manual of basic stroke education for family members would be a valuable tool to use in acute stroke care at our hospital.

I was especially motivated to create an education booklet because of the difficulty in accessing follow-up resources for patients post-CVA in Haiti. I wanted to develop a document that would assist families in understanding their loved ones' illness and disabilities and help them provide safe and meaningful care, especially when they do not have access to professional care.

I'll add a disclaimer that this booklet should be accompanied by in-person education by a Creole speaker in order to demonstrate safe techniques, especially for transfers, and should not stand alone as the only source of post-stroke education for patients and families.

Find different versions of the manual below:

1. StrokeManual Pages (to be printed one page per sheet, single or double sided).
2. StrokeManual Spreads (to be printed two pages per sheet, single or double sided).
3. StrokeManual Booklet (to be printed as a folded booklet, double-sided only)