No pictures today, sadly. I tried to use my real camera.

After a morning of a huge funeral, memorial for sister Virginia, cappuccinos with Father Rick, and a few quick snuggles in the abandoned babies room, we visited the special needs programs where Molly worked (so great to see the new therapy rooms at Kay Gabriel!). Many of the Haitian therapists that I recognize are still working there. A man with a stroke told me he was present for his first therapy appointment and he is grateful for the services. Unfortunately it appeared that his stroke was chronic and I wish he could have accessed therapy sooner. He wasn't one of our patients in the acute hospital after his stroke. Since I worked with the therapists on the acute side to streamline the outpatient therapy referral process, I was at least glad to know he hadn't fallen through our cracks. But someone elses' cracks. Or just Haiti's cracks. 

I was also happy to tour Franciscville, our industrial complex with a mechanic/machine shop, sewing shop, bakery, pasta factory, peanut butter production, and cinder block production. Always a thrill to see NPH becoming more self-sufficient. Very impressive is the new medical oxygen production. Producing medical oxygen ensures its availability at our hospitals. These programs also mean less reliance on outside funding and more job creation. 

I stopped in to see the acute therapists at St. Luc and dropped off the stroke manuals copies. Of course the first question they asked was when I'm coming back. That's always the first question.