Nou ale ankò!

Here we go again!

Haiti: Year Five. 

A little different this time; I'll be tour-guiding for a group of NPH supporters, giving my parents their first Haiti experience, bringing my Kreyòl stroke manual to my therapist colleagues (Manual Link), and generally doing more visiting, less working. Mixed feelings on this as I shy away from mission-type trips. I like to think of it more as a personal journey to share Haiti with my family and a transparency mission to provide firsthand experience for NPH donors to see the programs they support. 

I can't wait to sit under the stars with my parents after a day of cuddling and visiting our godchildren, swatting Mosquitos, and enjoying a Prestige. On alè!


  1. Have a safe & wonderful trip! I think you've earned a more "vacation" type visit to Haiti by now, enjoy it! :)


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