Welcome home

This view of our hospital water tower always conjures up nostalgia. 

We arrived in one piece (minus a couple that got stuck in JFK-- so glad I changed my flight) and headed right to the volunteer housing to unpack. After a meeting to set our schedule and a traditional lunch of sos pwa and poul, we toured St. Damien's with an emotional stop in the abandoned babies room. There are fewer children there now, which is encouraging. 

The tour was long and a trip to the grocery store hectic. I'm realizing that this group travel will be quite an adjustment for me, but good. Enjoying sharing Haiti with my parents so far, and they are asking lots of questions and engaging.  We're cooking a group dinner and then I hope to pass out. No sleep for 48 hours magnifies the fatiguing effect of heat. 

Dad also got to learn how to properly use a mosquito net.


  1. Glad you've arrived safe and sound, get some sleep, and I cannot wait to read more as the days pass!


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