Life for children on the other side of the border: Seattle Times Op Ed

The NPH International Leadership Institute brings a handful of young adults from the NPH Homes to Seattle every year to learn English and leadership skills. Jean Francois was a member of the inaugural cadre of leadership students, and they continue to impress.

Yesterday, the Seattle Times published this Op Ed by Cesario, one of this year's Leadership Students. Cesario's response to the news that over 400 unaccompanied children are illegally crossing the U.S.-Mexico border every day. 

Cesario (left, in the brown coat) grew up in the NPH home in Guatemala.
His article is courageous and inspiring, and a great example of why I continue to support NPH USA through the NPH USA northwest Associate Board. NPH is a fantastic example of (as Cesario puts it): "local development strategies in Latin America that would break the cycle of poverty and violence that drives children and their parents to such desperate measures."