Recovering with Love

Haiti is a constant source of surreal experiences, as even those of us who flit in and out infrequently can attest. In fact, the luxury of owning a passport that allows a quick trip to Haiti, a place just an hour and a half flight from the U.S. that feels worlds away, is surreal. The deeply unsettling ability to choose to vacation in Haiti (a place where the idea of vacation is a slap in the face to most inhabitants) or, in my case, choose to vacation elsewhere, is certainly surreal.

I could write for days about the dichotomies and surreal experiences when working, learning, and loving Haiti.

But this post is about the surreal connection between American celebrities and Haiti.

St. Luke and NPH have a lot of celebrity connections, St. Luke especially (why we have so many celebrity visitors and are still in a constant budget crisis is a rant for another day) and the adolescent in me is always excited to hear about which famous Hollywood star is visiting our orphanage or hospital. Molly got to meet Olivia Wilde, my friend Dani met Kim Kardashian among others, Donna Karan used to send yoga instructors to our hospital of all things, and on my third trip to Haiti, Madeleine Stowe was visiting (and has returned frequently). I shared a ride in the back of a pick up with her and she asked about my story and patted me on the shoulder. Very maternal.

Madeleine Stowe with children of FWAL

Anyways, on to the point of this post.

Kenneth Cole is the latest celeb to connect with St. Luke in Haiti. The Kenneth Cole foundation just put together an incredibly beautiful photo gallery highlighting the work of St. Luke (with some NPH cameos too!) and I want everyone to see it:

Recovering With Love